Terms and Conditions

for ETA Registration

1.       General - scope

1.1       The orders and services of the Customer are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

1.2       The following contractual terms are concluded between the Customer and Visa Gate GmbH.

1.3       These Terms and Conditions exclusively apply; conflicting provisions or provisions deviating from these Terms and Conditions are excluded unless, expressly confirmed by Visa Gate in writing.

1.4       The present Terms and Conditions also apply to all future transactions with the Customer.

2. Object of the Contract, rights of use, conclusion of the Contract

2.1       It is necessary for the Customer to enter all visible, necessary information into the appropriate fields on the website www.eta-australia.org, and when the Customer clicks the “order button” (in doing so, the Customer acknowledges and accepts the Terms and Conditions) the Contract between Visa Gate and the Customer becomes effective.

2.2       Subsequent to the process in Clause 2.1, the Customer receives a separate confirmation email from Visa Gate for his or her records.

2.3       In the event of incorrect information provided by the Customer or rejection of the credit card by the credit card company, the Contract between the Parties does not enter into effect.

2.4       By clicking the “order button”, the Customer authorises eta-australia.org, as a professional travel industry service provider, to carry out his or her order to apply for an ETA visa from the Australian immigration authorities to obtain an entry permit.

3. Costs for the services

3.1       All costs for the aforementioned order are charged by Visa Gate at an amount of 39,00 EUR.

3.2       This fee includes all incurred costs.

3.3       The amount is payable immediately after the order is placed by clicking the “order button”.

3.4       By concluding the Contract, the Customer agrees that the aforementioned amount may be charged to his or her credit card.

3.5       The amount will not be reimbursed, even in the event of a negative response on the part of the Australian authorities due to false information, or a negative notification leading to non-issuance/rejection.

3.6       An exception to this is, if applicable, orderly and timely withdrawal by the Customer according to the provisions of Clause 4.

4. Right of withdrawal

4.1       The declaration to enter into the Contract may be withdrawn in written form within 14 days without providing reasons.

4.2       This period of notice begins after receipt of this notification in written form.

4.3       The withdrawal deadline shall be deemed to have been met if the withdrawal is dispatched on time.

4.4       The withdrawal must be addressed to:

4.5       In addition to Clause 3 of these Terms and Conditions, in the event of an effective withdrawal, the services received by both Parties must be returned and any benefits which may have been enjoyed (e.g. Interest) must be surrendered (see also Clause 3.7).

5. Payment

5.1       In addition to Clause 3 of these Terms and Conditions, it is determined that upon the conclusion of the contract, Visa Gate is authorised to collect the costs to the amount of €49.00 from the Customer’s credit card company by means of the credit card information provided by the Customer.

5.2       The credit card is charged after the information is entered.

5.3       If the information provided is false, or the functionality of the credit card limited or impossible, the Customer will receive a separate email that the order cannot currently be carried out.

6. Limitation of liability, warranty disclaimer

6.1       Visa Gate assumes no liability for any possible damages which may arise in the course of the ETA visa.

6.2       These include, for instance, damages arising from delayed issuance or non-issuance and the associated consequences such as travel cancellation.

6.3       The service offered by Visa Gate exclusively involves relaying the data and information provided to the relevant Australian authorities.

6.4       Visa Gate is, in particular, not responsible for erroneous information provided by the Customer.

6.5       The final decision to issue an entry permit is made solely by the Australian immigration authorities.

6.6       The result of the registration is immediately forwarded to the Customer via email by Visa Gate.

7. Privacy

7.1       Through the Customer’s use of the website www.eta-australia.org, Visa Gate collects data that is released by the Customer with his or her consent.

7.2       Visa Gate will only use this data in connection with the order placed by the Customer to issue an entry permit for Australia and the resulting correspondence.

7.3       By using the service, the Customer agrees that his or her data may be released to all necessary third parties, such as the Australian immigration authorities in particular, in accordance with the Contract concluded.

8. Statement

8.1       www.eta-australia.org is an independent private provider that does not maintain any recognised relations with Australian authorities or maintain or procure official contacts with Australian embassies.

8.2       It is not the responsibility of Visa Gate whether the Customer makes use of the ETA Australia Service or applies for the entry permit him- or herself on the website of the Australian authorities.

8.3       www.eta-australia.org represents a web-based travel service which enables the formalities for receiving an entry permit by way of a web-based interface on the basis of the ETA Australia Visa for non-Australian citizens authorised to travel.

9. Governing law, place of performance

9.1       German law applies.

9.2       The exclusive place of performance for all agreements in accordance with the Contract between the Parties is Munich.

10. Severability clause

10.1     If individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions are or become invalid at any time, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

10.2     The invalid or otherwise unenforceable clause must be replaced by one which comes financially closest to the intended legal will of the Parties.


Furthermore, the provisions of the Australian Government (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) apply. These provisions are available -here-